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Chasebig competitions LLc has Its registered office at 1 Kandi Street, Off Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria as a free online contest provider named "Superkidscontests". The "game" starts at 12am on a set date, lasts three (3) weeks with 3 stages, unless extended, and is exclusively accessible via the Internet website. Registration is required to participate in the game. Participants must be at least 18 years old and must be accompanied by an adult. Each contest's winner is publicized on the website.

During the contest "Superkids", Participants may register on this game website.

Participants are completely responsible for their images and must adhere to the website's ethics. Participants must guarantee that their contest photographs do not:
I. infringement of third-party and/or group management intellectual property rights without their consent, since they are the sole owners of those rights. (ii) harmed persons and violated privacy rights by posting images online and allowed other site users to access them. The Participant undertakes to secure all required permissions for reproduction and representation of any photo from anybody included in the contest.
(iii) a threat to public order and morals. The Participant must adhere to specific ethical norms while posting images and/or remarks online, including refraining from posting anything that is violent, pornographic, or otherwise harmful to the individual's reputation or privacy.

Accordingly, all images will be disallowed for the following reasons:

Any photo with heavy make-up, sexually provocative postures, etc.
Any commercial, moral, or public photo banned;
Any photo that violates morals or public order, especially naked photos;
A snapshot of an original work, a trademark, a registered design, etc.
Photo validation takes up to 72 hours. A player's material is not the responsibility of the organizing firm.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that any minor registered must follow the permission must verify obtaining written permission from the parents or legal guardians before reproducing or displaying the photograph. If one of the two parents or the kid's guardian does not want the youngster to participate, the request can be granted within 72 hours.

Profiles and photographs submitted to the contest being in one of these cases will not be validated or be removed from the site without formality. The organizers have the right to temporarily or permanently deny entry.


2.1 Persons who may register to the site

Legal adults (aged 18 or older at the time of registration) or those with valid parental or legal guardian authorization may register on Nationality or geographical location is limited to these countries 

United States.
South Africa.

Persons who may not register / participate in the contest fall into the following categories: 
Social partners, associates and staff officers (persons bound by an indirect or direct employment contract, on a temporary or permanent basis, to the Organising company), any company that it controls, that it is controlled by, or which shares common control with the Organising company. This condition thus broadly concerns all those who collaborated in the organization and execution of this Contest, and their immediate family members (spouses, children, siblings).

A participant (a youngster) may not enter a contest if he/she has won (1st place) in the nine (9) weeks prior to the current event.


Participants must be enrolled on the website

Registration is free with no purchase commitment.

To register, go to the above-mentioned website, and fill out the registration form (including at least one photo of your child).
If any of the above information changes, the Participant must update his/her profile by contacting us.
Participants who do not fill in all relevant information on the registration form will be disqualified.
Participants or voters who attempt to register under a different identity in order to participate or vote more than once will be permanently disqualified from the competition.
If a Participant presents a high risk of vote fraud, users voting for her/him may be asked to validate their e-mail address and phone number.
In addition, if the voter also presents a risk of high vote fraud, she/he will not be able to vote for the Participant.
Regardless of the number of persons in the (winning) photo, each winner will get one reward.


Buying votes for a participant is possible using any of the payment methods on our website. The Organiser is not liable for any issues with Paystack/Flutterwave/Stripe/PayPal. Moreover, the organizing business will not reimburse any sum deposited. If a customer's bank or one of our payment partners denies a payment, it is not the Organising company's fault.
If a Participant's account is removed by either themselves or Superkids, they will not be reimbursed for their investment. Moreover, if a member seeking to give votes to a Participant faultily pays for a wrong recipient, no compensation will be given for the amount invested.


There will be at least three winners in each contest. Voters have the right to vote for the Participants of their choice. Participants who get the most votes before the timer runs out will be called winners of the contest.

Each winner will be selected after 3 voting stages:

Every voting stage will be specified on the contest page, with the minimum votes and number of qualified contestants. Read the contest schedule on the contest page carefully.

You can find out who won each contest by looking at's "hall of fame" page at the end of each contest.


The top 3 participants with the highest number of votes in a contest wins the prizes as specified in the contest schedule on the contest page.
- The use of the prizes awarded to winners is at the risk and expense of the winners. The Organization is not responsible for the usage of any rewards awarded to winners. 

Consolation prizes: As specified in each contest schedule on the contest page, contestants in the final stage who do not advance as one of the top 3 winners will receive a consolation prize equal to 10% of the money they generated through their Fans Voting, which may be in the form of souvenirs or cash rewards from us, at the discretion of the contest management team.


As mentioned on the contest home page, the winner(s) of each of our competitions or promotions will serve as our ambassadors for a period of five months and will receive incentives from the organizing firm.

The ambassador is supposed to perform the following:

-Provide a reference to past contests. This testimonial is expected to be in the form of a video.
-Post content from the organising company on his/her social media accounts (picture, videos, etc.)
-Provide any information requested for marketing reasons by the organizing firm within the time frame specified (could be pictures, videos, write-ups, audios, etc. as the case maybe)

Take note, ambassadors:
Throughout the term of the agreement, the winners will be entitled to 5% of the income generated by each contest in which which they are featured (profits are computed on an accrual basis).

Royalties will be paid in cash.

Royalties shall be determined and given to the ambassaor as follows: when Management declares profits following each contest, when all contest-related expenditures are paid, and gifts produced are distributed.


Each participant in the " Superkids " contest expressly consents to the publication of his or her name and image on the website of the organizing firm.
In no case may the responsibility of the Organising company be brought into question by a third party in the case of a Participant, member or contributor giving the Organising company a photo for which he/she does not have all full rights of publication.
Each Participant has the ability to withdraw himself or herself from the website at any moment by contacting us.


The "Winners" will be notified of their reward by email and private message via internal mail within 72 hours of the contest's conclusion date. Their awards will transfered to the account information provided by the winners/be mailed to the address provided within 15 working days of the Organising business receiving the needed information (copy of proof of identity, address, phone number, birth certificate, etc. ). , If the winning prize is a virtual product, it will be supplied by e-mail within the same 15 working days time frame.
Prizes are registered and cannot be attributed to any person other than the Participants. The reward will not be provided or given to the Participant if the postal address or email address is invalid, or if the Participant fails to produce the paperwork asked by the Organising company within fifteen (15) working days after the end of the contest. In the case of a returned prize due to a faulty address, or a prize sent by registered post and not withdrawn by the recipient, the recipient must seek to receive the prize within thirty (30) calendar days. The reward will not be awarded once this time has passed.

The Participant selected as a 'Winner' must provide the following elements to the Organising company:

1. A copy of the Participant's national identity card, passport, or other official paperwork establishing his or her identity.
2. A copy of the child's birth certificate or official documents showing his or her age, as well as written permission from one or both parents or legal guardians, if the Participant is a minor. a proof of residence

The reward will not be given if the information presented in these official papers differs from the information provided on

The organizing business is not liable for any problems that may happen during the prize distribution.

If a Participant's account is removed, either on his or her own initiative or at the request of superkidscontests, no award will be provided, regardless of the cause.

If there is suspicion of fraud, the time for obtaining the award may be extended for up to 90 working days.
In addition, if fraudulent vote purchases are confirmed (for example, a stolen card), the member's account, participation, and award will be revoked.

If it is discovered following verification that the Participant does not live in the correct place for the sub-classifications by State/Country, her/his reward will be annulled, and no recompense for any monies invested will be made.


The organizing firm will not be held liable for any Internet-related malfunctions that may occur. Participation in the contest requires that you are aware of and accept the risks and restrictions of the Internet, including the possibility of information being misused of any type, hacking, and infection by viruses circulating on the network, among other things. So the Organising Company will not be liable in the event of a disruption caused by the use of the Participant's hardware, his/her Internet access, or any other technical problem preventing the Participant from connecting or causing the loss, delayed transmission of information to the wrong address, or insufficient data recording of the Participant's email. As a result, the Organiser shall not be responsible in any way for the following situations:

loss of any paper or electronic mail, and more generally, loss of any data; problems of routing information; the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, or technical failure; any failure of a Registered member's computer.

Any interruption, extension, suspension, modification, postponement, or cancellation of the Contest that occurs for any reason that is not attributable to the Organising company (including any technical problems caused by the use of the Internet, software and hardware, fraud, postal problems, strikes and other reasons) shall not be deemed a breach of these Conditions by the Organising company. A situation that arises that is beyond the control of the organizing firm will result in no recompense to the participants for any monies that they have put in the contest.
The Organiser shall not be liable for any fraudulent behavior of a Participant.


If the contest is shortened, rescheduled, or cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, the organizer has no responsibility. Furthermore, members will not receive any reimbursement for the money they put into the program.


Before any participation, Participants must have read these regulations and have accepted them in their entirety. Participants in the contest will be deemed as having accepted these provisions in their entirety.

In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, reproduction, performance or use of all or part of the elements (logos, source code, graphics, etc ...) and set up of this site is strictly prohibited. All trademarks, simple, figurative, semi-figurative, graphics, product names are trademarks, graphics or product names, are registered by their respective owners. Any use of these elements, regardless of the mode, is subject to the protective rules of intellectual property. The Organising company reserves the right to modify these present rules, and will inform the participants through notifications on the website.


If, as a result of these Competition Rules, an unexpected issue arises, the parties concerned will do their best efforts to resolve any dispute or difference of opinion between them, arising from or in connection with these Competition Rules, peacefully and without resorting to litigation. Any disagreement or difference between the parties that cannot be resolved by mutual dialogue must be committed to the arbitration laws in accordance with the regulations of the country wherever this contract was executed.


Information concerning the Organising company

Chasebig Limited.
"Chasebig competitions"
Contact us here
1 Kandi Street, Off Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria.

444 Alaska Avenue, Suite #BGX887, Torrance, CA 90503, USA.